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If you're using an amp without sufficient input gain, this can be used to beef up your amp's natural distortion, or if you're looking for a Vox amp tone, this thing does a pretty good job on the treble boost setting. In the Full Range Boost position it enhances all frequencies, adding lows, mids, and some highs while the Treble Boost mode and is good for pushing a slightly overdriven amp into heavy overdrive. Also good for warming up the tone of a sterile solid state amp. Click here for a demo which moves rather slowly along; just forward to around to hear it after he starts cranking the dials a bit.

It can be loaded with any of and allowed the user to load the central unit with any 4 effects and put them in the order that sounds best to you. They lock in place but each can also be secured with a single screw in the bottom of the unit for semi-permanent installation. I have multiples of most of these but rare ones like the Octave V, Distortion Wah, an Wave Shaper, usually just one at a time. Korg made a total of 14 effects.

Buy any 4 effects and get the PME40X base unit for free. Here's a great link for the PME manual. Models currently in stock include:. Alphabetic listing - Misc Vintage Effects:.

Aria OD Overdrive. Pretty rare OD pedal, made only '' Its main feature is its dual-stage operation. Turn off the 2-stage and the stomp pad operates like a normal pedal.

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Stage-1 is set by the regular Drive knob while Stage-2 is set by a small, almost recessed, Drive dial located just south of the Drive knob. This can come in handy if you want to set up a 2nd gain stage for song passages with more overdrive than rest of the song, such as on an extended, decaying note.

The Level control sets the amount of volume going to the output jack, the Tone affects both stages and goes from a low mellow sound, still with some highs, while turned fully clockwise it doesn't sound a all buzzy , just crisper. Here are a few reviews on Harmony-Central. Overall it's a very smooth sounding OD but with some grit, especially if you crank the tone up. Compare this to other 80's Japan OD's and this is definitely one of the good ones.

The first compact compressor from Boss, bassed on the larger Roland AS Built form '78 to '82, this is a very early model silver-screw model. It's surprisingly quiet compared to other comp's from this era.

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Has separate level and sustain knobs, plus a mini toggle switches between normal or a treble setting that adds some high end crispness. Not the most radical compressor made and it squishes your signal in a more subdued way. Attack is preset at a somewhat slow rate and adds a nice, warm percussive tone that's great for jazz, country, and classic rock tones.

The Treble switch was discontinued when they started producing the later CS-2, which was unadvised in my opinion. It's a very useful featuring for adding color and making leads really stand out. Incredibly nice shape for 24 years and considered by many players to be the best stomp box compressor ever made.

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Like all Boss pedals from this era, built for decades of hassle free use and this pedal will likely be in use 24 years from now. Typically well-used CS-2 with plenty of finish chips but that means little with these things. It works and sounds as good as a museum condition CS Has range selector and width control for choosing range over which the effect is applied. Scratch noise is eliminated by use of an electronics volume control instead of a gear pot for a lifetime of trouble free use.

Advertised as the first and only envelope follower of its kind. The vocal sound of its two sweeping filters gives bass a strong presence under leads, or a commanding quality when out front.

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Bassballs will respond to every bass note. The sweep is widely variable, and harmonic enrichment is available with the Fuzz engaged. There's nothing "little" about the sound, it's just that it's housed in the smaller Small Stone sized box. During this era many of these actually had the regular Big Muff circuit board but instead of the two extra pots, they simply preset the tone and sustain controls.

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One of the cleanest Little Muffs I've seen - obviously has seen very little use. It's a pseudo stereo unit with one output being direct no effect , with the other output being the delayed signal. Very nice shape for its age other than the white power cord, which I suspect is a replacement. Electroharmonix Dr. This is a super rare find for the Ibanez Collector - first one of these pedal board I've ever seen, much less had. The EBL5 was the companion piece during the early 80's series pedals, which are quality made with metal housing, and sounds as good as the earlier 9-Series, but featured updated cosmetics.

The PC10 is a rare bird, and features two pedals in one with the ability to switch between them - use the "A" side for your basic chorus, while the "B" side can be set for chorus or add in some flange and delay and it's capable of many flanger tones. The CD10 is a quality analog delay with the warm, natural sound of the AD9 and the same ms delay time. All of these pedals are extremely clean, having been housed in the board since new. The board, which supplies power to all the pedals as well as stereo outputs, isn't as clean as the pedals but nice enough shape for its age.

If you're a series collector, or just a player who wants the simplicity of quality stomp boxes, this is an excellent find. Includes connecting patch cables and daisy chain power cable - everything you need to just plug in and play. Great reviews on Harmony-Central. One of the rare ones - and in museum condition. I've had over dozens and dozens of Ibanez Series pedals but this is the first one of this model I've had.

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If you check google images, you'll see these with either blue knobs or, like this one, green knobs. Ibanez SD9 Sonic Distortion. Early 80's Japan; preferred by many over the more poplar TS9. It doesn't have the mid-range hump of the TS9 with more bottom and upper ends, sort of the "smile" shape on your graphic EQ which makes it an excellent choice for metal players. Click here for a bunch of Harmony Central reviews where it scored very high; 9. Bottom plate is missing label but otherwise it's all there, all original, and works perfectly. Ibanez CP Compressor , definitely player's grade but a great sounding compressor from the same TS era.

Ibanez FL , extra casing included , early 80's. Here's one with some personality! Works fine in the hand-painted casing or if you're ambitious, I'm including a normal, unpainted box and you can switch everything over. Like all of these 's, it's a great sounding Flanger and, hey, you gotta admit this one has some personality.

Ibanez LM7 L. This unit has seen very little playing time and is a very nice 9 condition. A lot of players have started collecting series Ibanez as the quality is comparable to the earlier 9-series, but they're still affordable. I believe this is the first LS10 I've ever had and it's definitely clean enough for the collection plus useful enough for the pro player. Truly one for the collectors and NOS condition including box and manual.

These 10 series are great pedals, with this SC10 coming right on the heels of the CS9. These are excellent sounding units, comparable to the Boss CE-2 in warmth plus a little more tweaking ability. Maxon Roto 1 Phase click to enlarge. As far as controls, it can't get any simpler - step on the switch to turn it on and then rotate knob until desired sweep rate is achieved.

Competition from this era was the MXR Phase 90 Script logo , with similar looks and controls, but the Roto 1 is much more rare and sounds at least as good, if not better.