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After about 30 minutes, Kehoe drove up to Huyck and motioned him over to his truck. Kehoe then blew up the truck, killing himself, Hucyk, and several others, including a child who survived the first blast. Investigators later found more than pounds of unexploded dynamite under the school.

Bath Massacre: America's First School Bombing

Kehoe had intended to kill hundreds of people, mostly students, but his wiring was faulty. Kehoe had financial problems and was upset about having to pay taxes. He had killed his own wife before blowing up his house. They come from the stories of heroism and compassion. Bath was a small town, so all pitched in to clear the rubble, find the victims, and offer assistance. Help streamed in from the neighboring town of Lansing. During the rescue efforts, the Michigan State Police had to disarm the huge cache of explosives that never went off.


In the days that followed, contemporary accounts said more than 50, people descended on Bath, either to offer help or to see the disaster scene. In the end, the state set up a relief fund for the school, which received numerous public and private donations. And the population of Bath, once the outsiders left, went back to farming and grieved.

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Unlike today, there were no hour TV news cameras remaining on the scene or talk shows debating the merits of the Second Amendment. But the wounds from the Bath School Bombing followed the survivors for generations. In recent years, people who were in the building were opening up about their experiences, as they reached their 90s.

Bath Massacre: America's First School Bombing by Arnie Bernstein, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

In , National Public Radio spoke with two survivors and the daughter of a third. In fact, I saw him that morning. He was working on a door, and he smiled at us as we walked in. He also spoke with a year-old woman who wanted to describe what happened to her young brother, who was killed in the explosion, so other generations could understand. According to a detailed website about the Bath disaster , only 13 survivors were alive as of October Toggle navigation.

A must read for anyone who likes true crime stories - or who thinks senseless mass killings are a modern phenomenon.

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Michigan Publishing University of Michigan Press. A gripping account of America's first—and largest—school mass murder. Description On May 18, , the small town of Bath, Michigan, was forever changed when Andrew Kehoe set off a cache of explosives concealed in the basement of the local school. Cover photographs courtesy of Bath School Museum.

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Visit his Web site at www. All rights reserved. Supplemental Materials Book Trailer. Media Kit Author Photo 1. Arnie Bernstein.

88 years ago: Bath School disaster kills 45

Photo credit Elizabeth Sattelberger. Photo 1. Couzens Memorial Park. Photo by author. Photo 2.

Detroit Bath School Destruction Viewed

Andrew and Nellie Kehoe. Photo courtesy Bath School Museum. Photo 3.

Michigan town still healing from school massacre

Bath Consolidated School. Photo 4.

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