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Help with new articles, suggestions, proposals, grammar fixes and corrections are welcome! Due to the general lack of visual content, the Felidae Wiki allows the use of fanart for portraits. Input by artists and fans are well-received.

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The Wiki specifies when a picture is originated from the Movie, a fanart based on books or movie portrayal or the single official Comic of Felidae. Use of fan-arts is done only with permission of original artists, credits and links of the original work are included. The Wiki includes original works like detailed synopsis from books never translated into English!

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German audio with english sub. No copyright no copyright infringement intended. Subtitles provided by Gynandromorph [1] for the related Felidae fanclub. Thanks for your dedication! You can leave other users messages by clicking "Leave message" on their talk page. Ask for help, thank them for their work, or just say hi!

Is your user page empty? Click on your user name at the top of the screen to see. Click "Edit" to add some information about yourself! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Although being primarily a work of crime fiction , the Felidae series discuss many contemporary ethical problems and philosophical questions, such as the relationship between mankind and animals and the idea of superior races within species.


Thus, the Felidae series can be considered more complex and multi-layered than many contemporary crime novels. The novel begins with Francis, a tomcat, moving to a new neighborhood with his owner. Francis soon finds the corpse of another local cat, Sascha. Bluebeard Blaubart in the original print , a deformed local cat, is convinced that humans cat slang: "can-openers" are responsible for the death and other recent murders.

Francis disagrees with this assessment, convinced that the slash on Sascha's neck was caused by teeth. The discovery of the body marks the start of terrible nightmares that afflict Francis and intertwine him with the murders. Another tomcat, "Deep Purple", is the next victim; while visiting the body, Francis notices that he, like Sascha, most probably was killed by another animal, in exactly the same way as Sascha. That night, Francis hears loud yowls that are coming from the uninhabited upper floors of his house.

He finds a strange religious meeting taking place, in which a cat named Joker preaches about a cat known as Claudandus, a Jesus Christ -like figure, who allegedly sacrificed himself and ascended to Heaven. Meanwhile, cats jump into frayed wires and electrocute themselves. Francis accidentally alerts Joker to his presence, and is chased by the cult members.

He escapes and falls through a skylight. He then meets Felicity Felicitas in the original print , a blind Russian Blue who has heard the murderer and his victims shortly before their death. Additionally, Felicity says that she sees images in her mind alongside feelings of fear and pain.

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Francis believes that the images are actually memories retained from childhood. After leaving Felicity's home, Bluebeard takes Francis to Pascal, an intelligent Havana Brown who has learned to use his owner's computer.

With it, he has compiled a list of the local cats. Francis learns from Pascal that Felicity has just been reportedly murdered. Francis experiences another nightmare that night, inspired by Pascal's words that Felidae deserve admiration, and the large portrait of Gregor Mendel in Pascal's house.

Unnerved, Francis hunts for rats and finds the journal of a "Professor Julius Preterius", a scientist who used the house as a laboratory years prior.

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Francis learns that Preterius was attempting to create a flesh-binding glue with assistants Ziebold and Gray, using living cats to test it. The glue is unsuccessful, and, desperate, Preterius uses the glue on a stray cat. Due to a genetic abnormality, the glue seals the wounds on the cat instantly. Preterius names the cat Claudandus "one who must or should be sealed" , and plans to breed him and replicate the mutation. Preterius descends into madness, but continues with his project long after funding ceases and his assistants have left. The journal's last entry reveals that Preterius had heard Claudandus speak to him, and was planning to free the cats.

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Francis later encounters the strange Persian Jesaja, who alludes to escaping from Preterius' lab and proclaims to be the Guardian of the Dead. He lives within ancient catacombs , keeping a tomb housing hundreds of cat skeletons. Jesaja says that he serves "the Prophet" Claudandus , who delivers corpses for him to guard.

That night, Francis experiences another dream, this time involving a white cat who states he is Felidae. He is surrounded by hundreds of others, many of whom Francis recognizes. The white cat invites Francis to join them on a journey to Africa. Francis awakes, and answers the call of a female in heat. He inquires about her breed. However, she simply states that her breed has no name, but is both old and new.

He later learns from Bluebeard that her race is different, and more wild than standard cats. Francis, Pascal, and Bluebeard continue to research the murders.

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Their new data suggests that the murderer has been active since the demise of Preterius, and has killed approximately cats. Joker has gone missing, and cannot be located.