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This makes zero sense; if the vampires really want to meet, they should just arrange a meeting somewhere neutral ish. If not, why point the PCs towards their own lair instead of some other random deathtrap?

Rumors of forbidden cults? Miles and miles of rocky, forbidding shoreline? Not that Paizo is a stranger to Cthulhu, numerous old modules have had direct Cthulhu references, but this is perhaps the most direct Cthulhu scenario to come from them to date. I fireball them! The plot has the PCs chase the evil cultists to the aforementioned town of Illmarsh, where the tracks grow cold and damp.

The villagers are… strange, and getting clues may require the PCs to venture into places the townspeople would rather they not venture in. There are a few nice red herrings here to throw seasoned Cthulhu players a tiny bit off track, but generally players familiar with their Lovecraft will pretty much get what they expect. Why not just go home and find something easier and more productive to do?

I suspect many GMs will need to add some carrots or sticks of their own here, to bring some urgency and sense of motivation to the proceedings. The story here is quite removed from the earlier plot, and this installment could easily be run as a standalone adventure without much extra work. It continues with the high quality, especially the beginning which is really good. It gets a bit more generic towards the end, but still the adventure earns high total marks.

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crown Part 4 - Wake of the Watcher [Read] Full Ebook

The PCs are led into the depths of Shudderwood, on the trail of certain evil cultists. They end up in an hunting lodge meant for local aristocrats and high rollers, and may need some social maneuvering or such to gain entrance. Once there, they are dumped in the middle of a murder mystery. The full story is complex, with various NPC factions involved, and the PCs have lots of ways of dealing with the situation.

It reads like it should be a blast to play. As noted, the second half is a bit more generic, and while not bad it lacks the inventive flair of the beginning. Enter the PCs. Events in the first adventure lead the PCs to Lepidstadt, and put them in contact with one of the judges — who is not convinced that the Beast is actually guilty here.

Camelot Games. Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crown

There is a tight timetable, and the PCs only have limited time to do investigation and gather clues which might sway the court; there is also mechanic for this so the GM has an easy means of figuring out how well the PCs are doing. The trial could go in either direction, with the endgame being somewhat the same regardless of what happens. This is an excellent module. The plot is clever with nods to Mary Shelley and the PCs have quite a lot of freedom to act while still being tied to external time limits… and of course, non-combat skills will shine here.

In fact, after a few somewhat lackluster adventure paths, this one starts out in fantastic fashion. A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 9th-level characters, this volume continues the Carrion Crown Adventure Path , drawing on themes of classic horror stories and RPG adventures long awaited by Pathfinder players. In this adventure the heroes investigate lands inspired by the mind-bending horrors of weird fiction author H.

Lovecraft and face off against terrifying foes drawn from his ever-popular Cthulhu Mythos. This volume also includes articles introducing the Elder Gods , unimaginable terrors from beyond the stars, to the Pathfinder campaign setting , and an expanded Bestiary unleashing a host of maddening Lovecraftian monsters on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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